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Sasuke x Reader Part 2
Ok, so you are going to start out at the age of 14 and then we will move on to the Shippuden series k?
"  I'll see you again soon ______" Jubi said chuckling. Before I could say anything the room disappeared and I was blinded by a bright light. I opened my eyes to see a pair of blurry images standing over me.
" Are you okay?" they asked in unison.
" Who...are you?" I asked.
End Recap
Your POV
My eyes finally focused on the two figures after they adjusted to the bright sun shining down in between the two. The figure standing to the left had brown hair combed and covering his right eye. He had a practical shinobi outfit that went all the way up to his chin with a flak jacket and a forehead protector that he had in the fashion of a bandana. His eyes were so dark I thought I'd get lost and drown in them. I quickly shifted my gaze to the guy on the right. He and the other man looked to be in their 20s. His hair was what I characterized as a little on the unique. He had long black spiky hair and the same dark orbs. He had the same outfit as the guy to the left, except his shinobi outfit didn't go all the way up to his chin. Although, he did have a strange mark on it. What was even stranger was that he had a strip of a bandage going across the bridge of his nose.
' Probably an injury or scar' I thought in awe. Then something occured to me.
' Or, he's just trying to look cool' I said in my head immediately deadpanning. My thoughts were put to an abrupt stop when I saw both the men offer a hand to me. I cupped my small hands in their rough ones and they pulled me up. I took a closer look at their forehead protectors and saw a bird engraved in them.
" That symbol represents the Leaf Village ______" Jubi's voice echoed inside my head. My eyes widened a little in suprise and I quickly looked to the two men to see if they heard Jubi talking. I only saw curiosity shine in their dark orbs.
' Oh great something tells me this ability is going to make me seem crazy' I thought miserably. I brought myself back to reality when I realized the men were staring.
" Thank you guys for helping me, but may I ask where I am at exactly?" I asked even though I knew the answer. I wanted more than just the name of where I was at, I wanted full details.
" Well, you're in the Leaf Village's entrance gate" the guy with the spiky hair said cheerfully. He stepped forward and shaked my hand. I felt my nervousness and uncertainty dissipate completely around what seemed to be a warm atmosphere.
" The name's Kotetsu Hagane and my partner here is Izumo Kamizuki" the man, or Kotetsu said.
" Excuse me miss, but could we ask your name?" Izumo asked politely, but I could tell there was a little hint of suspicion. I understood completely why he was suspicious, and I respected that and his question didn't make me dislike the pair any less.
" My name is ______ ______" I said giving the men a sweet smile.
' I hope they don't think of me as the enemy, I think they would make great friends' I worried to myself, trying not let my worry show on my face. I saw the two exchange looks and then both give a toothy grin. Little did I know what their exchange of looks meant.
Izumo's POV
I looked both to my left and the right alert in my and Kotetsu's booth. As usual everything was quiet in the Leaf, but I knew better than to let my guard down. A sudden noise made me jump.
' I knew that an enemy would strike' I thought to myself. I heard the noise again and followed it to Kotetsu's side of the booth. I sweatdropped as I saw Kotetsu snoring away, not doing his duties.
" You idiot! You need to do your duties, not taking a nap!" I yelled, my eye twitching almost uncontrollably. Kotetsu woke with a start.
" Is the ramen done yet Ichiraku?" he asked groggily. I gave him a wack upside the head.
" You'll never eat ramen again when I'm done with you!" I yelled again.
" S-Sorry Izumo, it's just so boring here. I guess I just dozed off" Kotetsu said waving his arms about. I let out a heavy sigh.
" Ok Kotetsu, just don't slack off again. We must be prepared for any intruders" I scolded. Kotetsu was about to say something when we were almost swept away by an unusually strong wind. I quickly peered out alarmed when I saw a tornado out of nowhere. Before I could grab Kotetsu to show him, the tornado disappeared.
" Kotetsu, I think an intruder is here, we have to go check it out" I said to my partner, who quickly nodded in understanding. We went outside the gate and investigated. Right when I thought it was just a false alarm and to go back to the booth, I saw a girl around the age 14 unconcious on the ground. Her (h/c) (h/c) shined brightly in the sun, along with her (s/c). Kotetsu ran to her in an instant, and she looked like a normal girl in a (f/c) dress and (sf/c) sandals. I thought it was a little suspicious, but I knew we should try to wake her up so we could take her to the Hokage. Kotetsu and I shook the girl until she awoke.
" Are you okay?" Kotetsu and I asked simultaneously. We do this sometimes. People are always asking if we're brothers, but that is far from the truth. Kotetsu is carefree and slacks off from his duties, while I am the more responsible and do my duties correctly and efficiently. The girl opened her (e/c) and stared at us in shock for a moment. Then she seemed to observe us. Then, Kotetsu and I held out our hands to help the girl out, like the gentlemen we are. She hesitantly grabbed them, still seeming to look in a daze, like Kotetsu when he wakes up from a nap. We stared at her until she decided to speak. She thanked us and asked us where she was at.
' That seems a little odd. You'd think she'd know what village this is, since the Leaf is the best village in the ninja world. Seems a little suspicious, I shouldn't let my guard down, even if she does seem innocent' I told myself in my head. I was about to whisper to Kotetsu to keep his guard up, but the dim-witted fool welcomed her with open arms. He told her where she was at and told her our names without my consent. I wouldn't mind if he just told her his name, but he said mine too, and I don't want to die just because my partner was dumb enough to say my name too. I glared at his back when the girl wasn't looking and coughed irritably, trying to get the duo's attention.
" Excuse me miss, but could we have your name?" I asked politely. I didn't want her to think I disliked her, I just need to make sure she isn't the enemy. I saw a flash of understanding in her eyes, and felt my heart melt for the kid.
' Now I know why Kotetsu felt open toward her' I thought giving a small smile. The kid gave me the sweetest smile and stated her name. It was a strange foreign name, well to me that is, and I don't get out much.
' ______ ______ huh? I better not get distracted and take her to Mr. Hokage' I thought getting my mind back on track.
*End Flashback*
I exchanged a look with Kotetsu, and he understood easily that we had to get down to business now.
" Well then, Miss ______, would you please come with us and meet our Hokage?" I ask courtesely.
" Sounds like fun" she giggled. We started our way back into the entrance of the Leaf.
' I wonder what the Hokage will think of her' I thought curiously. To be honest a million thoughts were going through my head right now.
Your POV
The men casually walked to where I assumed was the Hokage's headquarters. At first I didn't quite understand what they meant by Hokage because my memories were a little fuzzy, but Jubi made a lot of them come back to me. It turns out I remember a lot of high level jutsus. I also figured out that the Leaf was the most powerful village in the ninja world.
' Yeah the Leaf, where all the action is' I smirked to myself and mentally fistpumped the air. The only things I can't quite remember is how I got the jutsus, how I ended up in front of the Leaf's gate, and where I was before. I knew instantly that I didn't live in the Leaf because the men had told me they remember every citizen of the Leaf.
' Well, one village down and only village down, a thousand more to go' I told myself with fake pep. I suddenly snapped out of my gloomy mood when Izumo, Kotetsu, and I made it to town. There were people everywhere, which I only felt a little uncomfortable because I don't like being around too many people. There were so many shops and resturaunts.
' Oh yeah, speaking of food places, I'm starving!' I rubbed my belly as it growled, begging for food. I caught up and matched Izumo's and Kotetsu's pace.
" I hope you guys don't mind, but could I maybe have something to eat before we make our way to the Hokage?" I asked politely putting on my best puppy dog face. Izumo looked unsure, but Kotetsu seemed willing to oblige to my request.
" Sure kiddo, where would ya like to eat?" He asked ignoring the fact that Izumo was giving him one of the meanest glares I've ever seen.
" Kotetsu, you know we have an obligation to bring Miss ______ to the Hokage immediately so he can question her" Izumo said angrily.
" Please Izumo, who knows when the poor thing ate last" Kotetsu begged like a little child. I for one was wanting something to eat so I happily joined him. Izumo finally cracked and mumbled something under his breath before we dragged him away.
" So, do any of you two know a good place to eat?" I asked having no idea whatsoever what I was doing. Izumo made a horrified expression, while Kotetsu developed a strange glint in his eye and grinned like a cheshire cat.
" We are going to eat at Ichiraku's. He has the best ramen in the whole world!" Kotetsu jumped up and down while Izumo facepalmed. Kotetsu grabbed my arm and pretty much dragged me to Ichiraku's since I couldn't keep up with his quick pace. Meanwhile, Izumo lagged behind looking quite miserable. After we arrived, Kotetsu ordered pork ramen for all of us. Kotetsu told me all about the Leaf Village, with Izumo cutting in once in a while telling him to watch what he says to me. Afterwards, with my belly full and satisfied, all three of us headed to the 3rd Hokage's headquarters. Yeah, Kotetsu filled me in on all the Hokages while we were eating, and I didn't even get one word in. I didn't mind though, they were both fun. I looked in awe when we made it to the Hokage's headquarters.
' It's so huge and beautiful, and old. This must be a historical landmark' I thought.
' I think I might like it here' I skipped up to Izumo and Kotetsu happily following their lead, until we made it outside the Hokage's office.
" Wait here while we introduce you to the Hokage" Izumo constructed. I nodded obediently.
" And don't come in until we say so" Kotetsu added. I nodded to him to and waited outside, fiddling with my fingers while they talked.
Izumo's POV
Kotetsu and I walked into Mr. Hokage's office, sure that Miss ______ wouldn't disobey us.
" Kotetsu, Izumo, there must be a very important reason as to why you are here and not guarding the entrance?" Mr. Hokage asked. I flinched a little at his words feeling a little shame, until I remembered ______, I then stood up tall.
" Mr. Hokage sir, a mysterious girl by the name of ______ ______ was found unconcious outside the entrance. We don't assume she is the enemy, but we came to notify you immediately of her presence. She is waiting outside, for your permission to come and answer your questions" I explained the situation as thoroughly as I could to the 3rd Hokage as clearly as I could as he listened intently. Finally, when I was finished he spoke up.
" You are dismissed. You did a great job, Izumo, Kotetsu. Send this girl in when you walk out" Mr. Hokage instructed.
" Yes Mr. Hokage sir" Kotetsu and I said simultaniously while saluting. We walked out to see Miss ______ twiddling her thumbs looking bored. I gave her a reassuring smile and nodded my head towards the door we just came out of. She nodded and slowly made her way in.
" I hope she does alright" Kotetsu said worriedly. I nodded in agreement.
" Yeah me too Kotetsu, me too" I said.
' I wish you the best of luck Miss ______' I thought sincerely.
Your POV
I opened the door to the office a little nervously.
' What if he doesn't like me?' I asked a wave of doubt flowing through my veins. I felt my palms growing sweaty and my heartbeat picking up. I took a deep breath and stepped in.
" Hello, Miss ______ is it? I am the 3rd Hokage and I just want you to answer a few questions for me" An old man with grey hair and light skinned said to me. I took a closer look at him. He was wearing a strange uniform with a hat and a red full-length kimono tied with a white sash. He seemed to be in his 50s or 60s. I nodded slowly. He took this as a sign to continue.
" I have taken a liking to you, so I am trusting you for now, but I will still keep an eye on you Miss ______, to make sure you aren't with the enemies. With that aside, I would like to know where you came from" the Hokage said getting straight down to business.
" Mr. Hokage sir, I wish I knew, but I don't that is part of the few memories I don't quite remember" I said honestly looking straight into his eyes to show him I am not a liar. He smiled friendly.
" I see. Well, when you do remember I do hope that you will tell me as soon as possible" Mr. Hokage more commanded than asked. I nodded quickly and he chuckled at my fear.
" Please, do relax Miss ______, I only have one more question about your mysterious appearance. Do you know how you got here?" he asked, although it seemed as though he already knew the answer. I gulped rather loudly.
" I'm so sorry, but I don't know that either sir" I said nervously.
' Dammit ______, get your act together, stay strong!' I yelled at myself in my head.
" Ok, I understand. Now, on to making you apart of this village. I am going to have you live with Naruto Uzumaki, who you'll meet later. Naruto is already a genin, and if you can perform a perfect clone, I will make you one too. I will also put you as an extra exception on his team." the Hokage explained.
' Hmm, Naruto huh? A genin? Oh! Now I remember. A genin is a rookie ninja who has just passed the academy. A perfect clone? I'll show him something better' I planned in my head.
' Ok, now I believe the hand signs were ram, serpent, and tiger. Ah, yes' I lit up like a Christmas tree. I performed these three hand signs and poof! Five perfect shadow clones appeared beside me. The Hokage opened his mouth in pure shock, and I couldn't help but smile and feel proud of my accomplishment. When Mr. Hokage was done, he smiled real wide.
" Looks like you have Naruto's skill level too. Let's just hope you don't have his prankster ways too" Mr. Hokage said sweatdropping.
" Well, I am a man of my word, starting tomorrow you will be an official genin and be on Naruto Uzumaki's team. You will also get acquainted with him tomorrow too. For now, go explore the village and enjoy yourself" the Hokage smiled and laughed. I smiled and laughed right back.
' Yes! I impressed him! Now, I feel like a true ninja of the Leaf' I thought I fistpumped in my head, but it turned out I truly did this action in front of the Hokage and let out a squeal of happiness. The Hokage laughed and dismissed me. I walked out and smelled the fresh scent of the forestry surrounding the village.
" Tomorrow, I'm going to be a real ninja! And meet Naruto Uzumaki!" I shouted as loud as I could. I walked out to get a good look at the Leaf Village and maybe run into some fellow genin.
To Be Continued....
I finally made part 2. I hope you enjoy it! :3
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